WebComic Series 1

We're like "Cyanide and Happiness" but much, much worse!

snowoman webcomic


Bitches be bitches, even if you're Frosty.

be careful what you ask for webcomic

Be Careful What You Ask For

Even the world of trick or treating has it's bumps.

sadvice online comic strip


Those with the loudest opinions are watching. They're always watching.

miscalculated e-comic


Classic calculator humor for the nerd in all of us...

laughter webcomic


Laughter isn't always the best medicine.

perverted and proud digital comic stirp

Perverted and Proud

Sometimes you just have to come out and be the person you really are.

what's the fun in that webcomic

What's the Fun in That?

The Law - Make a game of it!

to each their own webcomic strip

To Each Their Own

Apparently sobriety is a good thing for some people. Poor bastards.

that proves it alright e-comic strip

That Proves it Alright

It's all relative, except after 60 minutes of sporting.

debt-free online comic strip


I guess nothing is better than less than nothing.

bad liar webcomic

Bad Liar

I see right through you.

bad speller e-comic

Bad Speller

Our very first comic using a tablet! Sloppy, ain't it?

carpal tunnel of love handjob webcomic drawing

Carpal Tunnel of Love

It's not the size of the boat, it's the motion in the ocean.