WebComic Series 10

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talk your ear off blah blah blah webcomic drawing

Talk Your Ear Off

Blah, Blah, Blah, Blah, Blah, Blah, Blah, splat.

are you serious funny guy webcomic drawing

Are You Serious?

So we went ahead and drew up the second idea anyway...

muffin scarface say hello to my little friend digital comic strip


Tony Montana had a soft spot for kitties.

growing old together anti-romance online comicstrip art

Growing Old Together

The lady was supposed to be a lot hotter than the man, not sure if my drawing pulled it off?

job work sucks digital comic strip drawing


Seriously, when did work become so stressful? And all just to make a buck?

pregnant misogynstic male chauvinistic webcomic drawing


We had a good thing going and you had to ruin it by getting pregnant.

like social media facebook digital comicstrip drawing


Like, gag me with a spoon.

love in the time of digital when like is a bad thing funny webcomic

Love in the Time of Digital

"Like" isn't always necessarily a good thing.

blue jeans depressed punny comic strip art

Blue Jeans

On reflection of this digital comic strip, we should have gone a bit more "jeansy" with the thoughts - oh well.

dream job with pajamas digital comicstrip drawing

Dream Job

Why not pj's? We can't fault him. It is his dream job.

split up violent break up webcomic drawing

Split Up

We're actually not violent in real life, we just have a creepy sense of humor.

shit-faced webcomic about waiting for your girlfriend getting ready


What else are we supposed to do while you're making your face up?

infinite divide so close but yet so far webcomic drawing

Infinite Divide

Despite the yoga pants layer, there are miles between you and that...