WebComic Series 12

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date terminator dating life webcomic art

Date Terminator

Beepdebeep beeeep. Options Initiated.

missed red flags desperate to date online comicstrip drawing

Missed Red Flags

She's so desparate for a date, she is missing the key words.

social media followers instagram web comic drawing


Jeez, make up your mind, lady.

your money or your life game of life funny online comic strip

Your Money Or Your Life

I ain't playing.

suicidal strength that which doesn't kill us makes us stronger philosophy webcomic drawing

Suicidal Strength

His 7 failed suicide attempts have made him an unstoppable beast.

perfect wife perfect life funny digital comic strip art


Oh what a difference 5 years makes.

342 days later nuclear war donald trump web comic drawing

342 Days Later

The Donald has his finger on the pulse of the nation... and the nuclear button.

google maps for snails snailtrail funny digital comicstrip art

Google Maps for Snails

As the crow flies or as the snail travels.

uni-polar santa claus north pole  mental illness digital comicstrip art


Is happiness also a mental illness?

bum knee punny beggar didital comicstrip drawing

Bum Knee

I have a bum elbow and bum hip, too.

can't get a grip masturbation web comic art

Can't Get a Grip

My penis is too small for my permanent grip!

meow with accent bilingual pet amusing webcomic drawing

Meow with Accent

The tilde changes everything.

shoo fly don't shoot digital comic strip art

Shoo Fly

I have a wife and larvae at home!