WebComic Series 13

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celebrity kind of asshole hollywood movie start digital webcomic drawing

Celebrity Kind of Asshole

Actually we like movies stars...

for you mean girlfriend digital comic strip art

For You

Blinded by love

pity click not so subliminal message webcomic drawing

Pity Click

A pity click is so much easier than the pity fuck. Won't You?

intelligent life alien visit ufo digital comicstrip art

Intelligent Life

This has probably been done before, my apologies to being commonplace.

until you're this much mean romance digital comicstrip drawing

Until You're

Nothing says romance like a little weight gain humor

intoxicated beer or me love online webcomic art


I find you absolutely intoxicating, my liquid lovely.

child actors joan and john cusack hollywood parenting webcomic art

Child Actors

We imagine that this is the type of nonsense the parents of Joan and John Cusack had to deal with

indecent proposal cum catcher r-rated digital comic strip

Indecent Proposal

She said yes! Yes! Yes!

sentence partners in crime best friends digital comicstrip


(judge) I hereby sentence you to 20 years. (character witness) Well, that backfired.

uncle sam i want you to like this post webcomic drawing

Uncle Sam Demand

Feel free to use me on your social media.

haters will find a way prejudice online comic strip drawing

Haters Will Find a Way

You can try to curtail the hate, but they'll find one reason or another.

bj scene blowjob hint digital comicstrip art

BJ Scene

You're going down!

the man in me man thoughts online comicstrip drawing

The Man In Me

Sometimes I hate the man in me.