WebComic Series 15

We Googled "inappropriate webcomics" so we have something to strive for.

exclamation pint we love beer digital webcomic drawing

Exclamation Pint

Can you tell that we love our beer?

grumpy old fart God don't want you in heaven webcomic drawing

Grumpy Old Fart

You're still alive on earth because God don't want you in heaven.

steer clear career movie roles vs. career aptitude assessment web comic art

Steer Clear Career

Destiny can't be changed...

skirting the flirting shy 3rd date online comic strip drawing

Skirting the Flirting

3rd Date. They're shy. They both hope the other catches their drift.

games people play misunderstanding women never change digital comicstrip art

Games People Play

You'll never win against a woman.

no such things as coincidences stalker pervert webcomic art

No Such Thing as Coincidences

We're both wearing the same shade of green (but I had to run to Target this morning to get me a shirt this color).

A Pimp Influence in the Corporate World starbucks on every corner digital comicstrip drawing

A Pimp Influence in the Corporate World

Pimps are making money hand over fist, why not put a Starbucks on every corner, too?

a man by any other name kiss a frog fractured fairy tale digital comicstrip art

A Man By Any Other Name

Remember those "Fractured Fairy Tale" cartoons from the 80's? This is our version.

you're gonna miss me literal sense of the word bad relationship webcomic drawing

You're Gonna Miss Me

She was always right.

shit don't stink superiority complex social media hero digital comicstrip drawing

Shit Don't Stink

We all know that person who posts the abosolute worst shit and yet it gets 1000's of likes.

baby talk grow up webcomic art

Baby Talk

We are once again in a creative funk, folks!

casual friday homeless beggar webcomic drawing

Casual Friday

We felt inspired by the homeless beggars today - 2 for the price of 1!

the need in you teacher isn't pleased online comicstrip art

The Need in You

In grammar you get a B, in love you get an F.