WebComic Series 16

We recently started posting our webcomics on the Reddit Comics Subreddit and like everywhere else, we're getting no love there either. Yay, us!

casual friday part II homeless beggar webcomic art

Casual Friday Pt. II

We felt inspired by the homeless beggars today - 2 for the price of 1!

comic sans humor typeface font comedy prejudice digital comic strip art

Comic Sans Humor

Literally Comic sans humor (comic without humor!)

cut back drinking good times and regret digital comic strip

Cut Back

We tend to overdo our one day out.

modern day bar fairy tale little red riding hood updated bar scene webcomic drawing

Modern Bar Fairy Tale

Little Red Riding Hood for the 21st Century.

hey guys come see i smell something dying vultures circling at bad breakup slow death

Hey Guys Come See - I Smell Something Dying!

Oh oh, the vultures are cicling, this relationship is dead.

all kidding aside if children ran children's hospitals

All Kidding Aside

We know, cancer isn't funny. We mean no malicious intent.

a wrench in the works love found and love lost webcomic art

A Wrench in the Works

Ralph usually makes his appearance 2 years into a relationship, more or less.



We feel the same way about The Beatles.

the choice is yours date me or die digital comicstrip drawing

The Choice is Yours

Date me or die, lady. (Side note, we actually don't have anything against women, in fact we're all in healthy relationships).

choice words silly stupid pun digital comicstrip drawing

Choice Words

I have some choice words for you.

thug life street art black lives matter police brutality webcomic art

Thug Life

Our failed attempt at a Banksy.

one fateful night fancy restaurant vs dead wife digital comic strip art

One Fateful Night

Can you blame him?

the key to my vagina online comic strip drawing

The Key

Do you have a key to my vagina? Then the answer is no.