WebComic Series 17

Let's check out a little art / graffit from Banksy, shall we? Brilliant (and we hate him for it).

shooting stars corny movie star celebs with guns webcomic drawing

Shooting Stars

Celebs with Guns and Shooting Stars are the same thing, no?

boob job president trump digital comicstrip drawing

Boob Job

On top of a jab at Trump, we inadvertantly condescended women. 2 for one!

not what i meant chin whiskers vs cat whiskers digital comic strip art

Not What I Meant

Cat whiskers whould have been the better option.

file a complaint modern day adage webcomic drawing

File a Complaint

We also thought about going with "If You Have Nothing Nice to Say, Tweet It."

the smart(ass) home high tech digital house webcomic drawing

The Smart(ass) Home

My smarthome is already getting a bit sassy with me, it won't be long before it's a complete asshole.

dating is a roller coaster digital comicstrip art


The ups and downs and of dating in this modern age.

lesson plan mean teacher sarcastic online comic strip drawing

Lesson Plan

I'm gonna teach you a lesson, punk ass bitch, and you're gonna learn. You're gonna learn real good.

night shift dream job gone wrong webcomic drawing

Night Shift

A desk job for 16 hours a day. Great.

unhappy 4th of July finger blown off fireworks webcomic drawing

4th of July

Yes, we posted this on the 4th of July, so if you're reading this later, it was timely at one point.

work quote unquote work from home television junkie digital comicstrip art

Work Quote Unquote

I'll be the judge of whether you "work" from home, says my TV

remember me digital world is lonely online comic strip drawing

Remember Me

Please log in. Please log in. Please log in.

sleep on it silly mattress sales transaction digital comic strip drawing

Sleep On It

Get it? Of course you do. This was a terrible attempt at humor.

sacrilege jesus is coming jizz online comicstrip drawing

Jesus is Coming