WebComic Series 18

So we recently started posting here and have found it's yet another place we get no love.

shoot to kill vs aim to please webcomic art

Shoot To Kill

We're upgrading from aiming to hutt to shooting to kill.

speech bubble the artist in the art digital comic strip art

Speech Bubble

Our drawing is mad at us. Sorry, bro. Our bad.

hold ups in the '70's bank robbery digital comic strips

Hold Ups in the '70's

Get down! And boogie woogie woogie!

sky high marijuana smoking balloon webcomic art

Sky High

Yup, we've gone punny again.

minimalism and the first date digital comcistrip drawing


Seriously, I've downsized my penis.

rotten tomatoes movie premiere online comic strip art

Rotten Tomatoes

Long story short, the movie premiere didn't go so well.

monkey on my back addition is stronger than you think webcomic drawings

Monkey on my Back

Addiction ain't no joke.

postmature ejaculation no kids mention digital comic strip

PostMature Ejaculation

But Timmy is now 10 years old!

without love there'd be no rom-coms in the mood for a romance webcomic

Without Love There'd Be No Rom-Com's

Imagine a world without love - what would the Lifetime and Hallmark channels show?

a different time racist grandparents digital comic strip

A Different Time

Old people are racist. It's funny.

arm pits violent office online comicstrip

Arm Pits

On the bright side, at least they're not head pits.

opt-out clause i don't webcomic art

Opt-Out Clause

No committment is iron-clad.

prediagnosis tin man wizard of oz heartless digital comic strip art

Pre-Diagnosis Tin Man

Many people thought the Tin Man was just an asshole before the Wizard diagnosed him.