WebComic Series 19

If anyone out there is in the mood to donate a Basquiat piece to poor artists - let us know. We want one, pretty please. Feel free to start your browsing on Artsy. We're not choosy, pick what you want and we accept.

lifesaver sack of gold bailout plan webcomic art


You saved my life, glurg glurg glurg!

gravity rebel rebel johnny law breaker digital comicstrip drawing


Newton vs. Johnny Law Breaker

patriotism brainwashing online comic strip art


Patriotism is really just a matter of where and when you were born.

satan claus santa claus christmas online comicstrip art

Satan Claus

I see your lump of coal, bro, and I up the ante a severed human foot.

take care of your sister misunderstanding webcomic art

Take Care of Your Sister

She's been taken care of, Dad.

suck it lollipop creater digital comicstrip art

Suck It

Taste my success, bitches!

sunday morning improv religion is a joke webcomic drawing

Sunday Morning Improv

A funny thing happened on the way to church...

all we get shitty masterpiece digital webcomic drawing

All We Get

Beauty and the beast - it's a toss up after pen meets paper.

apples and oranges success vs chlamydia digital comicstrip drawing

Apples and Oranges

One man's success is another man's uncurable chlamydia.

unorthodox jew hitler mustache webcomic art

Unorthodox Jew

Edgy or trying to hard?

my girlfriend, ladies and gentlemen holy water burns my woman digital comic strip art

My Girlfriend, Ladies and Gentlemen

In reality, my girlfriend is really nice. My wife, on the other hand...

awkward silence talk about weather first date webcomic drawing

Awkward Silence

So... I'd like to know whether you plan on giving me a hummer after dinner?

mixed signals confusing relationship webcomic drawing

Mixed Signals

I drew a heart in your blood, if that doesn't prove love, I don't know what does!