WebComic Series 2

Ever wonder how "The Far Side" came up with so many amazingly clever comic strip ideas? Us too!

the hero zero webcomic

The Hero Zero

Let others tell of your heroics.

pro-caliber woes webcomic

Pro-Caliber Woes

And at least I don't have to wear a uniform to work, either.

TED ass talks online comic strip

TED Ass Talks

If Ace Ventura led a TED Talk.

the problem with being a 21st century pirate e-comic

The Problem with Being a 21st Century Pirate

A little MLB humor for you...

you can't get into hell webcomic

You Can't Get into Hell

He doesn't believe in me, either, said Satan, my hands are tied.

battle tested digital comic stirp

Battle Tested

A gravestone rarely gets the last word.

baby blues webcomic

Baby Blues

There's a story behind every story.

betty is my wife webcomic strip

Betty is my Wife

Water cooler downer.

dreams inevitably become nightmares in time thumb e-comic strip

Dreams Inevitably Become Nightmares in Time

Moral of the story - don't tell people what you'd like to be in life because it always comes back to bite you in the ass!

count your blessings online comic strip

Count Your Blessings

God Bless Yoga Pants!

career minded webcomic

Career Minded

Hipsters, nerds, and goths, oh my.

your aura is touching me e-comic

Your Aura is Touching Me

We're not sure what this one means... but supposedly dark pink aura is for "immature."

ford F150 pickup line pick up line webcomic art

Ford F150

He's a true pick up artist.