WebComic Series 20

The only reason we're not listed on this is because it's from 2013. Duh. We only came about in 2017.

cricket sounds comedy in the world of crickets webcomic drawing

Cricket Sounds

How do crickets know if they're bombing or killing it during standup comedy?

frankenstein's mistress piece of ass digital comicstrip drawing

Frankenstein's Mistress

The original fleshlight.

game of thrones corporate edition employee layoffs online comicstrip art

Game of Thrones - Corporate Edition

We've actually never seen Game of Thrones. My apologies if this is stupid.

holy attitude holy ghost holier than thou webcomic drawing

Holy Attitude

We love sacrilegious humor. But really, who doesn't?

in the long run lifesaver online comic strip art

In the Long Run

The emo kid has a point.

katzen german cat nine lives nein lives digital webtoon drawing


When God was handing out cat lives, he said 'nein'.

side effects drunk and disorderly vs. adderral and orderly webtoon art

Side Effects

Medicinally induced good times.

silver lining is cancer cloud humor webcomic drawing

Silver Lining

Cloud surgery is his only hope.

your kidney says you is hurting something health humor online comicstrip drawing

Your Kidney Says

You're under arrest for internal battery.

bruce banner's tailor hulk get mad digital comicstrip drawing

Bruce Banner's Tailor

Oh, quite the contrary, Dr. Banner. I love you when you're angry.

there are two types of people in this world... and they're both assholes facebook post vs wall mount webcomic drawing

There are Two Types of People in this World... And They're Both Assholes

If you don't get it by now, we hate everyone.

the problem with dating a scrabble wiz words with friends hero online comic strip art

The Problem With Dating a Scrabble Wiz

Same applies to Words with Friends.

21st century criminals partners in crime sodomy digital comic strip

21st Century Criminals

In Bed with my partners in crime.