WebComic Series 21

We don't know what Patreon is, but fuck it, we signed up for an account.

9 to 5 in the underworld TGIF thank hades it's friday webcomic drawing

9 to 5 in the Underworld

Every office has a 'that guy'.

bored board you bore me tool talk humor webtoon art

Board Bored

After years of drilling you, I find myself growing dull.

fact flat earth comedy online comic strip art


The moon isn't jealous - she knows the Earth is suffering from the effects of gravity faster than her.

hear what you want to hear a man who can cook online comicstrip drawing

Hear What You Wanna Hear

Meth jokes. Comedy gold.

hell's thermostat devil likes it hot digital comicstrip art

Hell's Thermostat

Even in Hell they don't like a high heat bill.

prince charming with the smooth opening line webcomic art

Prince Charming

Nice skin bib, but not effective. The crumbs fall deep into your crevaces.

tyler perry sure makes a lot of movies web comic drawing

Tyler Perry

The guy pumps out a lot of movies, don't he? I don't know anyone who's watched one.

wandering eye not all who roam are lost webtoon comic

Wandering Eye

We're not sure how it foots the bill for the travels?

a song in your heart severe heart condition death webcomic

A Song In Your Heart

It's got a good beat! I like the herky jerky beats. Not good for hearts, but good for songs.

big foot veterinarian digital comic strip drawing

Big Foot

Corny, we know. But not bunyony.

boy toy pearl necklace jizz chest webcomic art

Boy Toy

Someone commented that both choices are good. We weren't sure if they were serious or not.

expose a cover-up flashing the penis online comic strip drawing

Expose a Cover-Up

Here we're trying to expose you to better comedy.

working on a promotion glass ceiling blowjob webtoon comic

Working On a Promotion

This one did not go over well on Social - but it's one of our favorites. Apparently we like terrible humor.