WebComic Series 22

Some advice for fellow aspiring webcomic "artists" from the lovely Things in Squares.

2 a.m. house call digital comic strip art

2 a.m. House Call

The doctor is in (and out... and in... and out)

a christmas carol ghost of christmas present webtoon art

A Christmas Carol

Little Samantha was tried in a court of her peers. She's now on the naughty list.

no good deed goes unpunished webcomic drawing

No Good Deed Goes Unpunished

That's what you get for taking a knee.

the newlywed miss my wife online comicstrip

The Newlywed

Everyone hates them until they need one.

told you so end of the dinosaurs webcomic drawing

Told You So

Philicia was always getting the last word. In this case, the very last word.

bad back threw my back out webtoon art

Bad Back

I threw my back out. I miss it.

close to you love letter to a scarecrow digital comic strip drawing

Close To You

The Carpenters rule!

everyone is racist KKK online comic strips

Everyone is Racist

It's funny because it's true.

forgive and forget Jesus and God mantra online comics

Forgive and Forget

Jesus stands by his mantra.

mid-1999's comic the bomb webcomic drawings

Mid-1990s Comic

Our burritos are the bomb!

misunderstood lyrics john lennon imagine there's no heaven webtoon

Misunderstood Lyrics

You mean I can do whatever I want with no afterlife reprecussions??? Imma go wild!

no climax anticlimactic abstinence e-comic strip

No Climax

A book review in 2 words.

pour your heart and soul into it smoothie webcomics

Pour Your Heart and Soul Into It

Ew, gross. I spit in your general direction for making me taste this shit.