WebComic Series 23

Okay fans (haha), we're on yet another site - Webtoons. Check it out (has all kinds of great "webtoons" on it.

sunday funday blood of christ wine digital comicstrips

Sunday Funday

Then he took a cup, and when he had given thanks, he gave it to them, saying, "Drink from it, all of you."

binary code sports jerseys digital webcomic art

Binary Code

by the pound chinese food dog meat webtoon

By The Pound

Kung Pao Shih Tzu

the many variations of chapstick online comic strip drawing


And yet another day we had no ability to come up with anything... our apologies.

cross-words crossword fightin' words webcomic art


Of those webcomics where the title just fell right into place, in our opinion.

goodbye cruel world star wars death star planet earth webcomic drawing

Goodbye Cruel World

So lush and green is that planet. It's gotta be wonderful.

happy halloween offensive costume personified webtoon

Happy Halloween

We like our punny literal translations... but not many other readers do.

meat flank steak cow vs chicken tenders mcnuggets digital comicstrip drawing


Anatomy of Cown & Chicken Meat

mermaid paradise in over my head digital comic strip drawing

Mermaid Paradise

He was in deep with this particular lie.

my corporate ladder be like the impossible stairs webtoon

My Corporate Ladder Be Like

Round and round she goes, where she ends up, no one knows.

swan lake choreography tiptoes online comic strip

Swan Lake

He was tutu sensitive.

the road to nowhere boyfriend girlfriend end of relationship webcomic

The Road To Nowhere

It's the end of the road, baby.

the upper hand wifebeater fashion lady lover online comicstrip

The Upper Hand

I'm the man here. I wear the pants in this relationship. In fact, they rarely come off.