WebComic Series 24

Hats off to one of the best all-time comic strips, Calvin and Hobbes. Fond memories of reading this brilliance every morning!

toilet humor sure as shit webtoon

Toilet Humor

Sure as shit, my man, sure as shit.

uni-brow one raised eyebrow to show suspicion digital comicstrip


Poor Bert (or was it Ernie). He could never show he felt the other was a bit suspect.

white privilege bitches! racist inappropriate webcomic

White Privilege, Bitches!

This is how we imagine white people get jobs, loans, and out of jail.

first dates and the remorse of small talk minions junkie webcomic

1st Dates and the Remorse of Small Talk

Never tell friends, family, and girlfriends that you like something you don't truly like.

3 day bender unconscious decision webtoon

3 Day Bender

Good times were had. And forgotten.

british humor flat mate abbey road digital comic strip

British Humor

Apparently "bloke" is a male term. Sorry!

bunny love literal rabbit junkie online comics

Bunny Love

She loved bunnies so much, she was addicted.

downvote downvote downvote reddit original content webcomic

Downvote, Downvote, Downvote!

Posted this to Reddit. They don't like being mocked.

enigma machine in the digital age send nudes online comicstrip

Enigma Machine in the Digital Age

10 months, 100,000 hours of man power, and nearly $1 million spent.

french kiss gene simmons beret online comics

French Kiss

Gene Simmons would appreciate this, we think.

good times coke mixes with everything webtoon

Good Times

Coke don't discriminate

history books updated world war III webcomic

History Books Updated

It's funny because it's true

kyoki rarely dated like a girl with taste digital comicstrip

Kyoki Rarely Dated

I can't possibly love someone who likes my terrible style