WebComic Series 25

To finally bring you something funny on this site, we present a list of Stupidly Funny Jokes.

mother and child bad parenting webtoon

Mother and Child

With a mom like that, who needs enemies?

neat freak anal sex digital comicstrip

Neat Freak

Rated R for her pleasure

otherwise life as usual caught red-handed perversion webcomic art

Otherwise Life as Usual

Had you not known this about me, I'd still be an average kid in your eyes.

picketer don't read my sign online comic strip


He's mad you had the nerve to read his public business

pink inside chicken and steak rules of thumb digital comics

Pink Inside

Poor Pink, I wouldn't wish that upon my biggest enemy.

she'll never believe me back scratches crane game webcomic drawing

She'll Never Believe Me

Surely she must have seen the giant claw grabbing him?

the awkward chameleon socially inept lizard online comicstrip art

The Awkward Chameleon

We know how he feels.

the water board waterboard torture meeting digital comicstrip art

The Water Board

There are worse forms of torture, we guess.

u i wish i were you more like you silly online comics



acting class sexual abuse harvey weinstein movie producer webcomic drawing

Acting Class

Inspired by Harvey Weinstein!

black coffee terribly racist not funny webtoon drawing

Black Coffee

This is probably the most blatantly ignorant and unfunny racist comic we've done :(

black tie affair casual sex vs formal sex nsfw digital comicstrip

Black Tie Affair

Yay, nudity!

flawed foundation marriage is the problem webcomic

Flawed Foundation

There's a cause there. I can't figure it out, but something is definitely to blame.