WebComic Series 27

Disfrutan webcomics en espanol! Aqui son dos: Este y este.

competitive spirit dead marathon runner webcomic drawing

Competative Spirit

If you don't get off your lazy ass, you're dead to me!

if magazines could talk my i's are up here eyes boobs digital comic strip

If Magazines Could Talk

Sports Illustrated Swimsuit Edition has several I's.

revenge backfired ask a girl out joke turned ugly webtoon

Revenge Backfired

Based on a True Story

sore loser old war injury card game humor online comic strip

Sore Loser

Could have easily worked with 1-2-3-4 I declare a thumb war.

reflection good days but i still hate myself webcomic art


Life is good until I look in the mirror.

hyperactive one line of cocaine art webtoon drawing


Hoo ha, that's the stuff!

kkkindred spirit dunce cap ku klux klan digital comicstrip

KKKindred Spirit

To those who don't know, a dunce cap was a coned hat they'd make kids wear and shove them in the corner to shame them.

alternate plans relaxing weekend gone to shit digital comic strip

Alternate Plans

We've all had weekends that have gone to shit. You'll laugh in time.

love story poker gambling slot maching online comic drawing

Love Story

That one armed bandit stole my heart!

terrible fuck a black man racist webcomic art


Mission: Accomplished

a christmas metaphor nickelodeon child stars wasted lives webtoon

A Christmas Metaphor

We love it until their time has come and gone.

three day weekend santa claus christmas holiday break online comic strip

Three Day Weekend

Poor Santa, never gets a break.

snobby martini glasses vs sloppy drunk beer goggles webcomic

Martini Glasses

Martini's make me vary sarcastic.