WebComic Series 29

For all you aspiring webcomic artists, here here is the WikiHow article.

teenagers roll your eyes at your parents digital comic strip


The ultimate eyeroll.

balloon animals make a baby with your penis webcomic art

Balloon Animals

Ta da!

baby genius my baby is smarter than your baby online comicstrip

Baby Genius

That dumb shit couldn't even open a can.

weights heavy insult vs compliment scale of justice webcomic

Weighs Heavy

You're the best. You're the best. You're the best. You suck. I'm gonna kill myself!

sour grapes grape flavored purple grapes vs green grapes digital comicstrip

Sour Grapes

Green grapes matter! I play the grapism card.

lines a comparison a fine line a very fine and curvy line webtoon

Lines - A Comparison

And curvy, to boot!

oval office vs corner office donald trump president of the united states online comic strip art

Oval Office

Let's tear this shit down and make it a square!

lasting impression forgettable tattoo artist webcomic art

Lasting Impression

Singing na na na na na na na na na na na na na na na na na naa (Don't you forget about me)

bathroom stall drug bust advice digital comic strip

Bathroom Stall

Bathroom stalling for time (it's a stretch, we know)

stupid pet tricks cat in heat movie online comic strip drawings

Stupid Pet Tricks

The cat in heat stole the show.

beams of support jim beam construction support systems webtoon

Beams of Support

Support Systems I depend on.

sugar one star rating digital comic strip


Little Black Book

every.damn.time every damn time dog walk and shit in neighbors yard webcomic


Without fail...