WebComic Series 30

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following orders keep your shit together digital comic strip

Following Orders

Irony at its finest.

friday night adventure liquid courage vs liquid cowardice webtoon

Friday Night Adventures

Big boy

disease degrees liquid herpes comunical cup Christianity online comic strip

Disease Degrees


grapes of wrath the great depression vs a great happy hour webcomic

Grapes of Wrath


pre-internet days of lore before trolls webtoon


I just thought people weren't buying my art because they couldn't find it

a hard job old porn star keep it up digital comic strip

A Hard Job

It ain't what it used to be

a discussion with my financial advisor smart purchases vs dumb purchased online comicstrip

A Discussion with My Financial Advisor

Cents and Sense

said no one ever google plus keep in touch webcomic

Said No One Ever

Seriously, is Google+ still around?

champagne room thin line strip club chearing online comic strip

Champagne Room

Velvet curtains are also a bit tarried.

did you know marriage and divorce factoid digital comicstrip

Did You Know?

100% of divorced people were once married.

functional evolution long arms vs selfie 1000 years in the making webtoon

Functional Evolution

The makers of selfie sticks were hit the hardest.

let's see where this night takes us change of plans digital comic strip

Let's See Where This Night Takes Us

Change of Heart(Shaped Ass)

elvis impersonator identity theft is a crime webcomic

Elvis Impersonator

Hunka Hunka Burning Trash