WebComic Series 4

Have you checked out our sister site, "SquirrelJunkie.com" lately?

lol confusion digital comic strip for the modern age

LOL Confusion

I need an emoticon to go along with your LOL

big dick r rated web comic drawing

Big Dick

Pick up lines from the pantsless man.

gotcha musical pick up line webcomic


When you're losing the battle, you can still win the war.

avenge my death violent webcomic art

Avenge My Deaeth

Your death will be at my hands, dear.

don't label me christmas holiday webcomic

Don't Label Me

How dare you try to corner me in a social role, Santa.

no hablo ingles lost in translation digital comic strip

No Hable Ingles

You sure can keep a secret, Paco.

they grow up so fast r-rated online comic drawing

They Grow Up So Fast

His first last date.

yes, i'd do it again revenge webcomic

Yes, I'd do it again.

The car read 'Dodge' for a reason, officer.

honesty dumbass webcomic drawing


No need to worry about saving for college, son.

three dates you're out nice tits webcomic art

3 Dates, You're Out!

Distraction techniques work only for so long.

baddest financial advice criminal activity webcomic drawing

Baddest Financial Advice

As your financial advisor, I advise you to rob that man.

the sentimental monster false imprisonment webcomic art

The Sentimental Monster

I barely knew ye!

glass half-full type of guy persepective webcomic art

Glass Half-Full Type of Guy

Junkfood and Netflix all day? What the fuck is he complaining about?