WebComic Series 5

According to these people (Heavy), these are the funniest webcomics on the web (of 2012, at least).

random acts of kindness violent webcomic cel

Random Acts of Kindness

Please, just put an end to my misery already.

not racist n word webcomic art

Not Racist

Seriously - we're not racist. We merely find inappropriate humor amusing.

disgraceful loser sports fan webcomic drawing

Disgraceful Loser

If they're bitching and hating, chances are you're whooping them, you winner, you.

not an actor fat excuse webcomic drawing

Not an Actor

We live in Des Moines, Iowa, Bob.

oh christmas tree baby jesus web comic art

Oh Christmas Tree

Did You Know? Jesus' cross was cut from a Christmas Pine. (not really)

worst mantra ever financial webcomic art

Worst Mantra Ever

Please, please, buy our art. We don't want to work until we're 80.

you are funny chauvinistic webcomic drawing

You Are Funny

I guess you do have a good sense of humor, sweet tits.

the malcontent magician strikes again angry online comic strip

The Malcontent Magician Strikes Again

... and again... and again...

first times black and love online comicstrip

First Times

I think we posted this to Twitter (as text) a while back, but we're having a creative blockage... however, now brought to you with image!

frowny face sad facebook post web comic drawing

Frowny Face

Sad posts from a sad and oblivious man.

perspective corny digital comic book drawing


The poor little boy is feeling so low right about now.

part centaur big penis online comic strip art


Yes, another penis joke.

holy guidance mountaintop guru dalai lama digital comic strip art

Holy Guidance

Everyone's on Twitter nowadays.