WebComic Series 6

We were inspired by this comic strip not too long ago.

no one can prove him wrong blowhard webcomic drawing

No One Can Prove Him Wrong

Sometimes I wish I knew more so I could dispute this bullshit he's spewing.

oh the humanity paradise lost digital comic strip

Oh The Humanity

When Friends are your only friends, and Family Matters are the only family who matter.

hand in marriage immature man comic strip

Hand in Marriage

This immature man is keeping you from your childhood dream. Move on.

murder addiction intervention dark humor webcomic strip art

Murder Addiction Intervention

When your addiction is murder, who will hold your intervention?

curtis is curt little shit webcomic drawing

Curtis is Curt

How'd you know my name was Curt, bitch?

God hates you sacrilegious digital comic strip art

God Hates You

It's not that God has forgotten about you - it's that He hates you.

the question you don't want to know the answer to dark humor online comic strip drawing

The Question You Don't Want to Know the Answer To

You'll be the first person I find when my problems boil over.

the boss don't like giving raises career web comic drawing

The Boss Don't Like Giving Raises

You want a what, you fat son of a bitch? Get out of my office with that nonsense.

flowers poetic comic strip


Roses are red, violets are blue, I'm already bored with you.

fell so hard romantic online comic art

Fell So Hard

Sweet, or not? We thought it was sweet (but we don't do sweet very often)

drag relationship digital comic strip art


She's a brick and I'm drowning slowly

cheerios confused beer lover comic strip drawing


But I don't understand? I don't "need" beer to survive?

insignificant other prostitute digital comicstrip art

Insignificant Other

Insignificant Other still has a personal tone to it, does it not?