WebComic Series 7

Back before it became a bit too corporate for our tastes, Gaping Void comic strips on the back of business cards were among the best things you could find on the web.

the making of a politician dark humor webcomic drawing

The Making of a Politician

Goes to show, anyone can be president.

newspaper industry is dead laid off comic strip art

Newspaper Industry is Dead

Sorry, Clark, the readers just aren't there. And no readers means no ad sales.

love hate funny underground web comic strip

Love Hate

Son, I'm gonna go get me a pack of cigarettes. Wait here...

close but no cigar funny digital comicstrip drawing

Close but No Cigar

Somewhat same idea, very different viewpoints

honey-do list marriage comic strip

Honey-Do List

Anti-Household Chores

in that case, no need for an APB sad state of affairs webcomic

In That Case, No Need For An APB

Sorry, dude, the media won't pick up this missing person report.

ulterior motives love and sex comic strip

Ulterior Motives

Sometimes you just need to bite the bullet and shame yourself for the prize.

anti-social media sarcastic webcomic art

Anti-Social Media

I guess bad comments are better than crickets?

mobster rat gangster suspicious comic strip drawing

Mobster Rat

I can't put my finger on it, but something is off about this guy

go-to move pick up artist sexy e-comic art

Go-To Move

Needless to say, Dan didn't get laid often

mohawks by age underground webcomic art

Mohawks by Age

One of our least favorites! But posted never-the-less...

guardian angel woes masturbation webcomic drawing

Guardian Angel Woes

Beating off everywhere... so much beating off.

it happens to everyone group laughter online comic strip drawing

It happens to everyone

What did he say? Open your earholes asshole.