WebComic Series 8

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what's a man to do? rage webcomic drawing

What's A Man To Do?

Anger is in my blood.

pda's public displays of affection digital comic strip drawing


Eh, we were out of ideas this day...

yo momma so fat burn joke webcomic art


Yo mama's so fat, I swerved to avoid her in the road and ran out of gas.

colored balloons not really racist web comic drawing

Colored Balloons

The Italian Mafia stereotype may be more prejudice than the implied anecdote?

instagram superhero social media e-comicstrip

Instagram Superhero

Hipster, Hipster, Hooray!

razz scary ghost digital comic strip drawing


Booooo, I'm scary. Booooo, you suck.

last name terrible pick up line web comic art

Last Name

Johnson. Suk. Ho. Little. Etc.

velcro-man superhero electronic comic strip drawing


Loyalty can be forced.

go gators anti-seminole comicstrip art

Go Gators!

Florida State is easy to get into...

good side gone too far funny webcomic drawing

Good Side

We all have a good side. Might as well make it worth it.

spoiler alert funny e-comic strip drawing

Spoiler Alert


always be prepared forced dating comic strip online

Always Be Prepared

You'll have dinner with me one way or another.

jfk the truth digital comic strip art


You know you wanna know.