WebComic Series 9

Our day job, yay! La Jungla Experience Hostel and Private Accommodations - come visit!

sleepdance faboulous online comic strip


We thought about getting poetic with the prose, but we can't rhyme.

chick magnet single man web comic art

Chick Magnet

Thought about going violent with this instead ("so what do you use to beat your kids"), but when goofy instead. We may regret it.

comic strips gone bad bad boy webcomic art

Comic Strips Gone Bad

I’m funny how, I mean funny like I’m a clown? I amuse you?

cancer horoscope astrology digital webcomic art


Always be very specific and cautious when asking for wishes.

old and tired marriage and family e-comic drawings

Old and Tired

It's been 12 years of pure wedded mediocrity.

corporate world web comic digital artwork

Client Meeting

If you want something done right, do it yourself bossman.

my wife has it all different versions of an adage online comic strip

My Wife Has It All

Apparently we have different interpretations of having it all.

when sucking balls is good prostitution digital web comic art

When Sucking Balls is Good

Not our proudest comic...

father daughter relationship relationship family webcomic drawing

Father Daughter Relationship

Good luck in life, my homely child.

love grows mustache digital comic strip art

Love Grows

We went a bit corny (again).

clowning around psych you're hot webcomic art

Clowning Around

We thought about a punchline of "what makes you think i'd be joking" instead? Maybe we'll save that for a future webcomic!

shitless scared digital comic strip


Scared the shit out of me or scared me shitless - both work, we guess?

the word of microsoft sacreligious humor webcomic drawing

The Word of Microsoft

In the beginning, God created the cut and paste.