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"That's Nuthin'" Original "Ignorant Art on a Sticky Note" Drawing

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"I can't believe you say such hurtful things right to my face. That was nothing - you should hear what I say behind your back."

From the series of Original Sticky Note & Webcomic Artworks by Francis Ledbetter, as drawn on standard Post-It © Notes, and as inspired by daily occurrences, chance encounters, and random media.

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One-of-a-kind, totally Original Sticky Note & Webcomic Artwork by Francis Ledbetter.
If framed, Post-It © Note will be sent in a 5"x5" standard black frame and signed by artist.
If unframed, will be sent by itself, but still signed by artist.

Gift & Décor Ideas

Makes a Perfect gift for the back stabber, mean friend, and rude person in your life. Also makes silly wall or desk décor for the teen bedroom, high school locker, and no goodnik home.

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