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About the SJ the Comic Strip & SquirrelJunkie Merchandise Store SquirrelJunkie.com celebrates the fine line between love & exploitation, envy & prejudice, adoration & stalking, beautiful & beauty, and good times & bad times in the form of "Ignorant Art on a Sticky Note" drawings and webcomics. SJtheComicStrip.com is a terribly drawn and not terribly funny webcomic (or is it web comic or online comic strip?) that takes inspiration from the Devil's weed and other drugs, illegal or otherwise. For both, our lack of talent, money, followers, will power, or even humor can't keep us off the web. Because we have time. Lots and lots of unfulfilled time. Our sincerest apologies if you somehow stumbled upon this site, and even more sorrow to you should you feel the urge to buy something. God help us all, for hell hath frozen over.