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About SJ the Comic Strip

aka the "High Diary" aka the Hi-Di

SJtheComicStrip is a terribly drawn and not terribly funny webcomic (or is it web comic or online comic strip?) that takes inspiration from the Devil's weed. Also, we are the sister site to SquirrelJunkie.com, but as drawn on our shiny new tablet!

Our lack of talent, money, followers, will power, or even humor can't keep us off the web.
Because we have time. Lots and lots of unfulfilled time. Our sincerest apologies if you somehow stumbled upon this site.

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SJ the Comic Strip Webcomics

The Gallery

Come take a little trip with us. We have cruel webcomics, mean webcomics, racist webcomics, drunken webcomics, angry webcomics, unjust webcomics, chauvinistic webcomics, juvenile webcomis, and even webcomics about love and happiness.

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SJ the Comic Strip Merchandise

The Store

Our webcomics are available on all sorts of clothing such as t-shirts, hoodies, and baby onesies; as well as coffee mugs, wall art, greeting cards, stickers, and more. Let the world know you have a tasteless sense of humor!


What We Do & Who We Are

Bite-sized Info Nuggets About SJ the Comic Strip WebComic Series

Francis Ledbetter

Head Writer, Artist, & Thinker. Really. It's on his business card.

Our Trajectory

We plan on rocket launching into stardom in no time. Ha ha. That even made us laugh.

Our Inspirations

Alcohol. Marijuana. Drugs (legal or otherwise). And blatant plagiarism.


SJtheComicStrip.com is for entertainment purposes and any similarity to your life is purely coincidental.

Copyright Notice

Permission granted to reproduce for personal and educational use only. Commercial copying, hiring, lending is prohibited.

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